Hello Aficionados, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, Sourcing and Buying Welcome to my post about a subject dear to my heart, about buying authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee!  Blue Mountain Peaks, typical foggy morning view Growing up, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee was always an important part of the mysterious and intriguing ritual of coffee drinking.  It was mysterious and intriguing because, somehow even though we lived on an island, we had always heard that Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee was “the best in the world”!  Naturally, we accepted it as a given. Blue Mountain Coffee Beans But, digging deeper into this belief, we found that only certainRead More →

Hello Fellow Aficionados!   Welcome to my world of tea, coffee, chocolate and beautiful food for the discerning palate! I hope you will join me on this journey of exploring these wonderful delights that nature provides for us.  It’s not enough to just grab and eat the nearest, easiest food on hand, it’s all about the process of examining, choosing, preparing and savoring the blissful, satisfying and ultimately nourishing gifts from the gods. Take time to appreciate your food and drink.  When you grab and ingest fast food without acknowledgement, you are doing a disservice to both your body and soul.  And, the body punishes youRead More →