Summer time! Hello World, Are you ready for the fast approaching Summer Season?  It seems like only 2 months ago we had the New Year, and here is is summer again, but I digress!  Summer in this northern hemisphere is what I am talking about. Cats and Summer Having a long haired cat means getting a haircut so she can breathe easier and keep herself cleaner.  Owners of long haired cats know exactly that I am talking about!  Over the year, the hair kinks and knots up, even with constant brushing, so it’s a losing battle with some of these cats.  So, my cat goesRead More →

Our Marketplace of Delights:  Mother’s Day Special Shopping for Mom Year-Round! Mother’s Day Treats Your Mother Is Your Mother and Advocate All Year, Every Day is Mother’s Day! It is so hard to think of that extra special treat for your mother, isn’t it?  That very special gift that she’ll remember fondly for a very, very long time!  Yes, we like the usual suspects:  flowers, chocolates, jewelry.  We also like restaurants, live shows and the like!  But let’s try to also think outside the box! But first, the usual suspects. Chocolates Delicious Assortment for Mom, from $65.00 Dean and DeLuca Bridgewater Chocolate Pecans:  $36.00  Read More →

  Mother’s Day Treats Mother’s Day is a day when we remember the woman that gave us life, and taught us so much about how to live in the world!  It is a time when we honor our mothers, whether they are still living, or gone on to their heavenly reward.  Where I grew up, in our schools children would wear one color posy if their mother was alive, and another colored posy if she was dead. Years ago, I remember seeing a beautiful homage on Saturday Night Live where the cast members all filed in with their mothers, and the mothers shared a littleRead More →