Authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee: How to Tell?

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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, Sourcing and Buying

Welcome to my post about a subject dear to my heart, about buying authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee!Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee  Blue Mountain Peaks, typical foggy morning view

Growing up, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee was always an important part of the mysterious and intriguing ritual of coffee drinking.  It was mysterious and intriguing because, somehow even though we lived on an island, we had always heard that Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee was “the best in the world”!  Naturally, we accepted it as a given.Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

But, digging deeper into this belief, we found that only certain coffee beans were allowed to be designated authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee beans!  Jamaica is a very mountainous country, but the best coffee beans are grown in the idyllic, rich, volcanic soil in certain areas of the Blue Mountains range.  The recognized decider for that prized designation of authentic Blue Mountain Coffee, is an area called Mavis Bank, located at a certain height in the Blue Mountain range.  Any coffee beans grown below that dividing line, were deemed secondary, or, horrors, inferior!

Mavis Bank Factory

Authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is processed at the Mavis Bank Factory, an antique jewel, sitting in the midst of a breathtaking vista.  This factory processes approximately 1.4 million pounds of beans per year. When coffee is designated Blue Mountain, it can use the iconic drawings of the Blue Mountains on its logo or packaging.

The main thing I remember from my childhood and youth, was the reverence and ritual surrounding this beverage.  Children were usually not allowed to drink coffee, until they were at least 12 years old, long ago.  The exception to this rule was that on Sundays, at the very important breakfast time, they could have Blue Mountain Coffee, because the coffee did not cause agitation, was not acidic and was extremely smooth to the taste! 

The Taste, The Taste!

How to describe the taste?  I can still remember my first cup of Blue Mountain Coffee as a child.  I was enchanted by the fragrant aroma, and the smooth, silky taste on my tongue.  That became the benchmark against which all other coffees were measured!

My father had a small coffee plantation in the hills, rather than the mountains, but that was just for fun!  It could never be compared to the lofty Blue Mountain Coffee.  But, it afforded my siblings and myself great, educational fun in helping to pick the beans, drying them on the flat concrete roof, “the barbecue” and accompanying our father to the processing plant.

Buying Blue Mountain Coffee Abroad

I remember when I first moved to New York City, I was delighted to hear that a well known gourmet shop was carrying Blue Mountain coffee.  I hastened over there and bought a bag.  I soon realized my mistake; instead of the packaging having the iconic Blue Mountain brand, it had a blue sketch of the range, and the designation “Mountain Brand”!  Pretender! I wonder how many other people are still being fooled by this company?  The coffee was as bitter as chicory, smelled like burning twigs, and tasted like any cheap coffee on the market.  Years later, I am still fuming.  I tried to return the bag, but they would not take it back, so that was the last time I shopped there. 🙁 🙁

After buying the coffee on my return trips, or paying people to bring me bags of the beans, I am now thankful that the internet offers so many chances to buy authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee!  There are still a lot of pretenders out there, but I also know and trust some of the farms where these authentic beans are grown.  I have to laugh when I see the coffee being sold for less than $20, and claiming to be authentic.  But on the other hand, some of the very, very expensively priced beans don’t meet up to my taste benchmark either.

Buying Blue Mountain Coffee From my Shop

We have always sold Blue Mountain Coffee in our Tea Shop, and the easiest way to contact us is through our email, where you can order by PayPal!  We represent the Munn Family Farm’s Blue Mountain Coffee.

Email:   Telephone:  732-308-8159

Types of Blue Mountain Coffee for Sale

From the Munn Farm Collective:

Peaberry (a rare, closed single coffee berry)

16 oz. Whole Bean Bag       $45   +  p&h    $7.50

Medium Roast Whole Bean

16 oz. Whole Bean Bag        $48   +  p&h    $7.50

Please join our Mailing List to learn of other possibilities!

Try our lovely coffee!  We feel sure you will love it in its various forms.


Join me on this journey of selecting, buying, brewing and savoring gourmet coffee.  Please be kind enough to leave comments, ask questions and share your stories with us.  Thanks for the follow.







  1. Hi – I like your website. It is illustrated well and the subject is interesting. The only thing that I think could be added is more discussion on how the product could be used on\in American or other ethnic foods. Does the flavor change the taste of other foods like spaghetti or is it more of an additive to give more protein and calcium to the person eating the food.
    That’s not much but it is all I could think of. Good luck with your website. It sure caught my attention.

    1. Author

      Hi Trisha, thanks for your comments. Your question is very interesting. I don’t think anyone has ever asked me how it tastes with spaghetti! It is definitely not an additive, it is coffee to drink, and most people drink it in the morning, or after a nice dinner. The page is more about sourcing the real coffee product for those interested in purchasing it. Usually, it’s people that have already tasted the original, and loved it. This is the beginning of an ongoing discussion of gourmet coffees, teas and yummy food.

      All best,


  2. Hi

    Great information on Authentic Blue Mountain coffee.

    As as coffee drinker myself I would love to try Blue Mountain coffee but have never really seen it.

    Do you have any recommendation on where to purchase this unique coffee? Or do we need to venture to Jamaica to purchase something like this?

    Any feedback would be much appreciated.


    1. Author

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your comments. You’ve probably never seen Blue Mountain coffee in regular outlets, because it is a very specialized type of product.

      Later on, I will be presenting a list of the best of Authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffees, and where to get them. These will be online distributors, as I think it’s the most convenient way to purchase.

      I’ll also include some recipes of foods we have with this coffee. We tend to drink in the mornings, and after special dinners and dessert.

      Are you in the US, or another country?

      I would be happy to keep this conversation going.


  3. Hi Pat,
    Your description of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee sure has piqued my curiosity. I’ll be stopping back and awaiting your list of quality vendors for the product. A flavorful and aromatic coffee that is smooth enough to appeal to children sounds like a treat. I love a great cup of coffee and am always open to trying new blends. Unfortunately, I’ve tried quite a few lately that have bothered my stomach. This one sounds worth trying!

    1. Author

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks so much for your comments about my Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee post. I have updated that post to include my shop, Tranquil Garden Tea Room, and also at the bottom of the post are some other suppliers for you to click on.

      I have never gotten a tummy ache with real Blue Mountain Coffee and I trust you won’t as well. Please let me know your reactions to our coffee.

      At least once a month, I will discuss other farms’ versions of Blue Mountain Coffee, along with PNG coffee and other gourmet coffees.

      Thanks for following along and sharing your opinion!


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