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Hello again Fellow Travelers,

This page will be talking about delicious foods to savor, constantly!  We have to eat to live, so why not travel along life’s highway eating the best food you can find?  You body and your soul will thank you for it.Assorted Fresh VeggiesAssorted Fresh Veggies

Living in England

You know, it wasn’t until I moved to England, then the U.S. that I realized how very dysfunctional many people were about the food they ate.  Being used to fresh fruits and vegetables all my life, I was dismayed at the many cans of tinned vegetables that abounded at the time.  Now, it’s changed for the better, thank goodness.  But, at the time, the prevailing colors of English meals: beige, tan and brown really distressed me.  No one ever heard of using fresh lemons or limes to kill bacteria and enhance the taste of meats, so even though I was still a carnivore, I couldn’t eat meat or chicken dishes, because they “smelled funny” to me!

Britain has a lot to thank their large influx of immigrants from their former colonies for, because they brought their colorful, fresh  and tasty foods with them.  So, it was no problem for me to find and use the limes and spices I needed to make food not only palatable, but delicious.

European Food Nirvana

Living in London for two years while I pursued my studies, gave me the opportunity to travel to the European mainland as well. This was before the European Union.  Foodwise, I felt totally at home in France, Switzerland and Spain.  I did not much like German food, because I found it to be too pork-centric, and too heavy, with too much cream around. Herbed Roast Chicken

Living in the U.S.

Living in the U.S. has really been a trip, foodwise.  I moved to New York City and got totally spoiled with all the fresh farmers’ markets around.  Plus, on every corner was a Korean grocery store, and bakeries abounded.  New York City is really a foodie’s dream town!  Plus, you can get foods from all over the world there. Rosemary Roast Chicken is pictured.

However, when you travel out of the major cities, the food can be atrocious!  When I asked for cream for my coffee, in the South, for instance, I was handed some carcinogenic powder that they swore was cream!  One time I was staying with a friend in Atlanta, and stopped to pick up takeout dinner from, what I thought should be a fairly healthy place, a fresh food kitchen for diabetics.  Wow, was I wrong.  The food might not have been sweetened, but it was so heavily salted, that I had to throw it out after a few bites.  Even with that, my tongue still had a terrible coating on it for a few days afterwards!

I now live in another state, and that also took some getting used to!  In New York City, people are so health conscious, that even with all the farmers’ markets and fresh foods around, they still grow veggies and herbs in window boxes, or on their apartment terraces!  So, here I was in a small town, where there were empty lots and land all around, and people were not growing their own vegetables!

So, I took matters into my own hands, and “captured” an empty lot (with the owner’s permission) and started growing food with the local children.  Some of these children, prior to that, had no idea where their tinned vegetables came from  I am happy to say, that over the years, they became little gourmands in their own right, insisting that they get fruits and vegetables with their meals!

As we continue this journey, we will talk about many things, including portion control, which is mainly responsible for the epidemic of obesity in the U.S., along with the fact that overly salty/sweet tastes deaden the taste buds on the tongue, leading to a deadening of the “turn off” response that lets us know when we are full.  There are many, many health problems that are directly linked to bad eating habits.

Plus, one major point is to learn to appreciate your food:  the preparation, the beauty of it and finally the ingestion.  Such appreciation forces you to slow down and savor, and does wonders for your digestion as well.  The soul does not appreciate fast food, indifferently cooked and presented, and that leads to sabotage of the body.Healthy Pasta Salad

Healthy Pasta Salad


I really admire how the Koreans eat.  No, I haven’t been there, but I’m an avid fan of Drama Fever TV. 🙂  All different colors on the plate, lovingly cooked and presented, with an array of dishes with small portions.  Not at all like my least favorite American eatery, the buffet restaurant.

Till we meet again, happy eating!  Would love to hear your thoughts on this page, and what you might like to have me talk about in the future.  Thanks for following.


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