Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, A Review




Product:    Jablum Coffee Beans

(Gold Standard)

Price:        $74.98

Best Place to Buy:   Amazon.com

Size:       16 Oz. Bag

My Rating:    5 out of 5 Stars


Product:  Jablum Jamaican Coffee Beans, Roasted

Price:      $59.85

Best Place to Buy: amazon.com

Size:    16 Oz. Bag

My Rating:    5 out of 5 Stars

There are good savings to be made if you can buy 2 or 3 bags of these coffees at a time.


I  have recommended both the Whole Beans and the Roasted & Ground version, because for some people, it’s just a matter of convenience!  Some people enjoy the ritual of scooping out and grinding the beans for the pot they are going to brew, others just want the convenience of spooning already ground coffee into the percolator, or drip.  I personally, usually prefer the already ground coffee, but I have gotten the whole beans many times, and I must admit, it certainly keeps the coffee fresher longer.

As for the unique taste mentioned in the prior blog, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee has a unique taste.  If you like a strong, punchy, bitter coffee, this is not it!  This coffee has a gentle, sweet taste, smooth on the tongue, and is much less acidic than most coffees. The sweetness can also be discerned in the aroma.  Be careful buying this coffee, remember what I said about pretenders, authentic Jamaican coffee really does taste different to most other coffees.  The logo on this brand is “The Lion of Judah”, and it should say 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee!  Don’t settle for the brand that just calls itself “Mountain Brand”.

The old and well respected Jamaican family, the Munns, were instrumental in developing and branding authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, starting in the 1800s.  They collaborate with micro farms, and oversee the important Mavis Bank Coffee Factory, and protecting the brand.  I have had the pleasure of knowing members of this family since I was a youngster.Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Fun Fact

The Papua New Guinea Coffee Industry was started in the 1930s when some English Colonials brought Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee beans to the area, to start a coffee plantation.  Papua New Guinea also has mountain ranges of 5000 feet or so, so the growing conditions were similar.  Therefore, you might notice a similarity in taste to Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Tour

It is possible to book a tour to the coffee plantations near Mavis Bank, and also to visit the Mavis Bank Processing Factory.  but you must book this tour at least 5 days in advance.

Gift yourself, or someone you love with a bag of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee!


Buying Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee from my Shop

You can also buy Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee directly from me or my shop.  We represent the Munn Family, and that’s the coffee we sell.

We have always sold Blue Mountain Coffee in our Tea Shop, and the easiest way to contact us is through our email, where you can order by PayPal!

Email:  escentltd@yahoo.com   Telephone:  732-308-8159

Types of Blue Mountain Coffee for Sale

From the Munn Farm Collective:

Peaberry (a rare, closed single coffee berry)

16 oz. Whole Bean Bag       $45   +  p&h    $7.50

Medium Roast Whole Bean

16 oz. Whole Bean Bag        $48   +  p&h    $7.50

Please join our Mailing List to learn of other possibilities!

Try our lovely coffee!  We feel sure you will love it in its various forms.



Now, you’ll notice that I said a bag, not the K Cups!  I think we are producing too many throw away convenience items, to the detriment of the earth and our oceans.  Please forego convenience packaging, when you can.

More Fun Facts

Why not have Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee the way locals do?  It really does taste divine with some sweetened condensed milk!  If you are a vegan, I don’t recommend coconut milk, but almond milk is passably nice in it.  Then, sprinkle a dash of Allspice Powder, or Nutmeg, and drink this warm spicy/sweet brew.

Jamaicans also typically enjoy a slice of the local Hardo Bread with it, along with the spicy Escovitched Fish.  Or, you may want to try it as a dessert drink, with a slice of cake, especially our dense Fruit Cake.

Last Fun Fact For Today

Did you know that Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is a hit in Japan?  So much so, that there was a time when the locals were not able to get as much of the coffee as they wanted because so much of it was being exported to Japan!  The Japanese were having a Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee ceremony, similar to their elaborate Japanese Tea Ceremony!  Too flattering.

Thanks for joining in on this tour, please do leave your own reviews, comments and questions below.  Meanwhile, if you can, buy and enjoy the coffee and tell me and others following, all about it.  We’ll be reviewing another brand of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee next time.

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  1. Thanks for this review, I’m always interested in recommendations for good coffee 🙂

    How lovely that you have know the family since you were young, it makes it all the more special.

    And that’s amazing it was such a hit in Japan! Is it only available on amazon currently or is it sold by retailers as well?

    1. Author

      Hi Louise,

      Thank you so much for your feedback! Yes, coffee production is even bigger in Jamaica than the tourist industry! It’s a little hard to find good, reliable sources of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee all the time. Let me research more for you, and I’ll get back to you, if I may.

      I also can get it directly from the Munns, if you’re interested. Please let me know.

      Thanks again for your comments, good luck to you too,


  2. I enjoy a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning before a busy day. I must admit that I’ve not tried
    Jamaican Jablum Coffee Beans

    The only coffee brand that I’ve tasted from the Caribbean is Induban Cafe Santo Domingo and I really liked it. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee looks like it could beat the Induban flavour so I will go ahead and give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation Pat.

    By the way, I tried to buy the coffee through your link but it did not take me to amazon.

    1. Author

      Hi Jay, thanks so much for your comments, I really appreciate them! Lovely that you want to try the coffee, I think you’ll like it very much. Next time, I’m also going to review another Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee from the Munn’s actual farm.

      Let me check to see what’s going on with Amazon and get back to you, if I may? I’m still quite a newbie in setting up my site.

      All best to you,


      1. Author

        Hi Jay, After much hair pulling, I finally got my site linked to Amazon, thank goodness! Omg, it is really like having to become a techie, but at least this happened during the beginning of my site blog, so now I know what to do! Thank you for pointing this out. The links are all in place if you want to go to the site again. Did you want the beans or the ground? Thanks so very much for your interest, please let me know what you think of the coffee when you get it! Also, please let me know if there are any problems. Thanks again, Pat

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