Mother’s Day Treats


Mother’s Day Treats

Mother’s Day is a day when we remember the woman that gave us life, and taught us so much about how to live in the world!  It is a time when we honor our mothers, whether they are still living, or gone on to their heavenly reward.  Where I grew up, in our schools children would wear one color posy if their mother was alive, and another colored posy if she was dead.

Years ago, I remember seeing a beautiful homage on Saturday Night Live where the cast members all filed in with their mothers, and the mothers shared a little memory of their child with all of us.  It was so touching because it was right after my mother had died, and I envied their capacity to share their love with millions of people.

Mother’s Day is a time for celebration, a time for sharing and a time for remembrance.  Honor your mother in the best way you can, and have an enjoyable time doing so.  Restaurants are traditionally full on that day, and so are Broadway shows and the like.  Find your own special treats to honor your own mother with.

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Whatever you do, celebrate!



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