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Yummy Chocolate/Cocoa Bean World

Chocolate Raw Form
retro scoop with cocoa powder

Scrumptuous Vanilla Bean

Who doesn’t love chocolate?!!! Since it’s introduction to Europeans from Mayan rituals “food for the gods”, the cocoa bean, and its flavoring counterpart, the vanilla bean, have been embraced heartily worldwide!  It is impossible to now see advertisements for Mother’s Day Gifts, Valentine’s Day, or other special occasions, that doesn’t feature chocolate in some form or the other.  And, of course, since chocolate is reputed to be a great aphrodisiac, that only adds to its appeal! 🙂                                                                                                      Vanilla Bean

The Mayan natives added Vanilla to flavor their chocolate offering to their gods.  Again, what would the modern day world be without that ubiquitous bean as well?  It always amuses me that Vanilla is referred to most times as “bland, pale, unexciting”.  How ridiculous!  The real Vanilla bean is a dark chocolate color, and when inhaled, really uplifts you to a very special, delightful, aromatic place!  Vanilla and Chocolate are portrayed as the yin/yang colors, but in fact in nature, they are the same color, totally complementing each other.  In fact, when I created natural perfumes for clients, the first thing we noticed was that Vanilla had a sweetly chocolate aroma!  Cocoa bean (cacao) also had a Vanilla note (along with Cinnamon, Clove, etc) to it!

How to serve these wonderful gifts?  Let me count the ways.

I personally, love gourmet chocolate candies.  My favorite chocolates are the Swiss or Belgian kind, or homemade.  I also have a fondness for the English chocolates, like Fry’s and the real Cadbury’s.  I also love chocolate souffle, especially when served with a Grand Marnier sauce.  I love Vanilla/Chocolate swirl ice cream, and chocolate sauce poured over Vanilla Ice Cream.  I love good, rich Hot Chocolate like the French make, and a sprinkling of chocolate powder over my coffee.

Yummy Chocolate Souffle                                          Wonderful with Chocolate

Chocolate Souffle with Grand Marnier Sauce:  What a Treat!!!

Yummy Chocolate Sauce

I do not like overly dense chocolate like that found in most chocolate cakes with chocolate icing, and just looking at the German chocolate cake makes my teeth ache!  I understand that these cakes have a large, loyal following, but I personally like my chocolate with a lighter touch!

There are so many wonderful ways to use Cocoa and Vanilla.  Join me on this journey in discovering and discussing standard ways, and new ways.  I’ll also include recipes and suggested places to purchase the best chocolate and vanilla!

And What are Celebrations Without Some Kind of Chocolate?


Dean & DeLuca, a New York Masterpiece

One of my absolute favorite places to shop in New York City, is Dean & DeLuca!  I used to haunt that place on Saturday afternoons, picking up the gourmet items I could afford that week, and ending the day with one of their fresh baked pastries and a mug of steaming coffee — heaven!!!  That place is definitely a New York treasure, and valued by all.   Now, you can imagine my joy in finding out that I haven’t left that lovely place behind when I relocated!  I can get their wonderful foods delivered to me with the click of a button!  And so can you, my dear readers.  They have on special yummy  Chocolate Quail Eggs

These Chocolate Quail Eggs are normally $27, but today are on sale for $13.50. 

Do your tummy and soul a favor by getting some delicious chocolate today!  And, check out the other tempting and high quality treats in the links we provided for your enjoyment.

And What Would Mother’s Day Be Without Chocolate?

The Actress Sarah Michelle Geller has a new foodie business called Foodstirs, a wonderful site focused on Mother/Daughter things to create.  Click on the link directly above to access all the things this site has to offer!

In our next Marketplace of Delights Blog, we will have some yummy Mother’s Day gift suggestions for you.


The Cocoa (Cacao) Bean

Did you know the Cocoa Bean is rich in fats?  Do yourself a favor, be adventurous and buy some Cocoa Beans and start experimenting!  Also, in my Marketplace of Delights Blog, we will be talking about Cocoa Beans.

To make a Cocoa Tea Brew, you will need to grate the bean, with a small grater.  Add hot water (about 2 cups) and bring to a rolling boil, for at least 10 to 15 minutes.  During the boil, you will notice fat molecules separating from the powder and rising to the top.  When this brew is ready, you will smell that wonderful chocolate aroma!  Before taking it off the stove, grate a little nutmeg or cinnamon over it, and add milk if you wish.  You can also stick a vanilla bean in it or add a few drops of vanilla essence.  And, to really celebrate, you can add a tablespoon of dark rum to this drink.  Delicious!

By the way, that lovely fatty molecule that separates during heating of the bean, is really great for the skin.  Mix it with plain yogurt and a tablespoon honey to make your very own excellent chocolate face mask.

There are just so many ways to enjoy the “gift of the gods.”  So, let’s start adding chocolate in some form as a treat for our souls!  Also, consider trying the Organic, Dark Chocolate type and feel even more righteous!


Because there is always synchronicity, would you believe it, a new Meetup class just opened up in my neighborhood called Healing Ceremonies With Cacao, teaching about the old Mayan rituals!  This is definitely an example of the Cosmic Consciousness in action.  I might very well join this group, as I would love to learn about some of these rituals.  If I join, I will certainly share what I learned with you, because sharing is caring, isn’t it?

Thanks for following along.  Please plan on joining us again often.  Also, we would love your feedback, questions, contributions and other input in the comments section below.  🙂





















  1. oh, you are so right;) Who doesn’t
    t love chocolate:).I personal love it and I really enjoyed your tasty post:)
    And those pictures…chocolate souffle…are just…wonderful.
    my favorite is swiss chocolate. I think they really know about 🙂 Which brand is your favorite?
    You know what combination is nice? dark chocolate and red wine. Did you try it?
    Have a sweet nice day 🙂 with a hot chocolate in front of you write more of those tasty articles:) haha

    1. Hi Cristina, thanks so much for your sweet post! Yes, I adore good food, and chocolate is definitely a part of that! I can’t pinpoint a favorite Swiss chocolate, since I love all of them, what is yours? But, I also have a fondness for the British assorted chocolate boxes as well! I never tried dark chocolate and red wine, have to do that. Did you ever try the Swiss fondue with red apples (skin on), or peaches, or mango? Yummy! I am drinking a treat that we Jamaicans call cocoa tea: grated cocoa bean boiled with allspice, cinnamon and condensed milk. Sinful! Thanks for your comment, more to come, and feel free to share recipes or tips with the group as well.

  2. Hi Patsid,

    Great article I’ve really enjoyed reading it as I am a chocolate lover:) I come from Belgium and the chocolate there are just amazing! A few years ago I used to work in Leonidas chocolate store to be able to pay my study and I remember that I couldn’t resist eating the chocolate I was packing. I’ve added 5 kilos to my scale:(
    Do you know the Manon chocolates? These are my favorite pralines:) These are filled with coffee cream, a true delight!
    Today I only eat 100% pure cacao chocolates as there are extremely healthy.
    Thank you very much for this excellent post and look forward to reading more of your great articles.

    1. Hi Daniella,

      Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my first article! I love meeting fellow chocolate lovers, and we’ll have a lot of fun on this journey. Yes, I do love Belgian chocolates as much as Swiss too. I don’t know Manon pralines, but I’ll have to seek them out (what a hard job! :)), then I’ll tell you what I think. Thanks for introducing me to them.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my first post, and I look forward to writing many more, and getting feedback and advice, from you and all the other lovely chocolate lovers out there!


  3. I love to read through a post and learn something new. I know Cadbury’s chocolates well, but I never heard of “Frys” chocolates. Now I will chek out Fry’s and buy some to try. It’s not easy to find something new for me on the web and you did it.
    As I read your post I can almost taste the chocolate and definately I am getting that chocolate aroma. It is amazing, the powers of chocolate.
    I love Dean and Deluca as well and I am glad you did the research for me and found a sale on chocolate because Dean and Deluca can be pricey.
    I am looking forward to your ideas on mothers day gifts. My kids love to chocolate dip almost anything to make a present for their mother. But next week starts the studying for final exams in college and I will be sending some chocolates to my daughter who I just know is studying real hard. Those chocolate quail eggs sounds good. I will check it out.

    1. Hi Dan,

      Thanks for your lovely comments on my article. So glad I could introduce you to something new on the web. I plan to do more of that. 🙂

      Nice to meet a fellow Dean and DeLuca lover! When I mention them in my new home town, nobody has heard of them — amazing! I used to be a fanatic about visiting them when I lived in NYC. Yes, you absolutely should try the quail eggs. Chocolate can certainly help with studying. 🙂

      It is so nice to meet so many chocolate lovers it warms my heart, as people can be so dysfunctional about including soul pleasing treats in their diets, not as the main course obviously, but as taste rewards. It is just so satisfying.

      Please continue to follow along and giving your valuable input — it is much appreciated.


  4. What a great article! I love how you compare and contrast vanilla beans and cocoa beans. People often think of them as yin/yang, but I think they go together so well. I like to have hot chocolate in the morning and sometimes add a bit of vanilla for extra flavor.

    You have some amazing insights into the world of chocolate. I can’t wait to see more of your journey!

    1. Jen,

      Thanks so much for your enthusiastic response, it really gave me the true essence of your personality! 🙂

      Yes, chocolate and vanilla are close cousins as far as I am concerned and I could not be without either! I also have a penchant for chocolate and orange as well.

      I’m so happy that you want to join this journey with us — welcome, and keep the comments and questions coming please. Thanks again for your input.


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